PRESALE - Uncivilized Habits - Reversible Fur Jacket - Olive

I am proud to present my very first XLUSIV reversible jacket. I designed this jacket from the ground up, cut patterns and seams, you name it. Top-quality materials were used to provide you with the absolute best jacket we could make. With my background here in Colorado I made sure it could handle our cold winters and snow but not overheat while going hard. Something you could snowboard in or wear to your favorite festival, along with the ability to be worn as a fur coat or as a technical jacket. The outer shell consists of a heavy duty twill that is similar to carhartt jackets but is considerably softer to the touch. The fur side is made of an eco friendly faux fur that is very soft and durable, it took over three months to find a fur that was worthy of the first xlusiv jackets. Deep hand pockets on both sides of the jacket, custom claw shaped buttons.

Inspired by artwork from the ancient Joseon dynasty 1392. There are over 70,000 stitches on the back art alone. The flowers represents our creation and growth, the clouds represent the celestial realm of our consciousness. The tiger-leopard is a symbol of bravery. I incorporated ancient artwork with a modern design twist. There are over 10 different languages embroidered in the back as well as two fighting tiger leopards. They represent the balance in the world and how we are fighting to find it. Everything is interconnected on the embroidery art, from the clouds, to the flowers, to the words, and animals. I wanted this to symbolize the connection of humanity to the world and how the choices of one person does matter.

There is no other jacket like this in the world.
Stay loud, Stay XLUSIV

Water-resistant shell
Eco-Friendly Faux Fur
Fitted adjustable cuffs
Unparalleled utility
Durable details

Presale prices are good for two weeks only.
Will go to normal price when the presale is over.

Jacket will arrive Early December.

Only 100 of these were made total in this color.